Our Sauna Range

Management of your sauna is made simple with a Helo control panel

Sauna Controls

In the Finnleo pure sauna experience, managing the climate, timing and comfort of your sauna is never a source of stress. The new range of Helo sauna controls are attractive and designed and manufactured to provide years of dependable, convenient and safe operation.

Regardless of the option you choose or is recommended for your heater, the Helo sauna control units let you create the environment that's perfect for you — easily and intuitively.

Helo Digi II

  • Surface or flush mounted.
  • Four user memory buttons.
  • 24 hour programmability.
  • Adjustable time and temperature.
  • Ventilation fan and light buttons.
  • Smart Sauna feature — delay start.
  • Size: 173 x 138 x 34.

Helo Midi

  • Modern slimline designm.
  • Control can be inside the saunam.
  • 24 hour programmabilitym.
  • Adjustable time and temperaturem.
  • Light buttonm.
  • Available in Chrome or White framesm.
  • Size: 186 x 56 x 15mm.

Helo Easy

  • Simple control.
  • Fixed 2 hour heating time.
  • 5 Step temperature adjustment.
  • Size: 70 x 70 x 30mm.