Our Steam Range

Helo generators are the heart and soul of your steam experience

Steam Generators

Continuous steam, evenly dispersed, dependably delivered: that's why Helo Steam Generators lead the way! The generators themselves, compact, effective and easy to operate.

The steam generator is located outside the steam room itself and requires a copper steam line to allow steam flow into a steam head/nozzle located just above the floor in the steamroom.

Our range of steam generators is available from 3.4kW to 14kW. For larger steam rooms two or three steam generators can be connected to operate from the one control source.

The benefits of all Helo steam generators are:

  • Acid resistant stainless steel tanks.
  • lncalloy elements.
  • Electronic low water shut-off.
  • Over temperature cut-off fuse.
  • Pressure release valve.
  • Manual or Auto flushing.
  • Easy De-scaling.
  • Interchangeable elements.

Steam Fact

Your steam generator requires maintenance to prevent the build-up of scale inside the tank. The service intervals are determined by the water quality in your area and frequency of use.

When we install a new steam room for you, our trained staff can recommend the best program for maintenance of your steam generator.

If you wish to discuss setting up a service programme for your steam room, please Contact us for more information.

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HNS M2 Steam Generator

The Helo HNS M2 series of steam generators meets the toughest home and professional demands of public steam bathing facilities like Day Spas, Gymnasiums, Aquatic Centres and Resorts where steam generators often need to work more continuously.

The HNS M2 series is the perfect fit for steam showers as you can have the M2 control panel placed inside the steam shower meaning you don’t need to get out of the shower area to change temperature, duration time or to end the steam bath session.

Operating is the steam generator is either via push button or M2 control panel. See Control panel for more details.


The Helo HNS T1 steam generator is based on the newest available technology and sets a whole new level for user interface and reliability. The option of dual controls, Push Button and T1 glass surfaced touch pad has unique functions such as proximity sensor, service reminder and multilingual user interface with 7 languages.

See Control panel for more details.