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Steam Range

A Steam room can be built in almost any location either indoors or outdoors.

With outdoor steam rooms you will require weatherproof roofing and suitable exterior cladding to stand up to all weather conditions.

Most commonly steam rooms are commonly built to fit into your bathroom area. The use of ceramics, marble and tiles or various forms of sheeting with full height glass walls will ensure that your steam room will be a feature in any home.

Your Finnleo representative will be able to assist you with a recommended design using the appropriate materials to achieve the look that will blend in with your lifestyle.

Finnleo can provide with 3 types of steam packages:

Custom Built Steam Room

These steam rooms are custom built on site into a dedicated space within your home or complex. The steam room will be a permanent fixture designed to your specifications.

This is generally the most common way to have a steam room installed.

Pre-Fabricated / Modular Steam Room

As with saunas you can have a steam room made of modular sections that are very simply assembled on site to create your freestanding steam cabin. Modular steam rooms are either fibreglass, acrylic or hard plastic moulded sections which include the seating as part of the structure. As the cabins have a domed ceiling the energy use is reduced compared to custom built steam rooms.

The exterior of the steam cabins can be finished with any suitable material to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Steam Showers

The installation of a steam showers primarily in the bathrooms and master ensuites is becoming more popular with renovators and new home buyers. Since showers are built as a waterproof environment it makes perfect sense to double its use as a steam room by making a few small alterations.

The optimal steam shower is about 1800 x 1200 in size, with a bench seat at one end and shower facility at the other end. Ducted exhaust fans allow for quick removal of steam so that you can enjoy your shower to rinse off and close your pores.

Steam Fact

The average temperature in most steam rooms is about 42°C with a relative humidity of 100%. Steam bathing has been recommended for generations for all kinds of respiratory issues. You are exposed to higher concentrations of steam providing more relief from breathing problems compared to vaporizers and similar equipment.