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Enjoy yourself in the warm clouds of relaxation

Steam Rooms

Enjoy yourself in the warm clouds of relaxation!

Let the gentle clouds of soft steam surround you bringing the pleasure of total relaxation! For thousands of years, the importance of the steam bath as a key part of Roman bathing culture has been well known. Following the success of our Finnish sauna baths, it has taken much time and research to achieve the breakthrough, a practical, modern steam cabin which produces the traditional climate as enjoyed by the Romans.

We have called on all our experience to design a steam room, which guarantees a healthy restful ambience and absolute comfort for the bather.

New technology enables exact control of temperature range providing a perfect environment to suit individual taste. The combination of a reliable well-engineered steam generator and the high constructional quality of the cabin will ensure many years of trouble steam pleasure.

Steam bathing offers similar rewards to those of the Finnish sauna but with a different climate. Unlike the dry heat, a roman bath is taken in a warm, moist atmosphere. With very high humidity and relatively low temperature there are many beneficial effects.

In addition to the relaxing sense of well being and satisfaction of found energy which steam brings, it may prove an excellent therapy for certain medical ailments such as Asthma, Rheumatism, Bronchitis, Gout, Muscle strains and blood circulation disorders.

The cosmetic benefits should also be considered. Steam bathing has been recommended for a smooth, soft and healthy complexion. By opening the pores, impurities are flushed out, leaving the skin clean and fresh.

As with sauna, the critical factor in steam bathing is the interaction between hot and cold. The correct blend between these will ensure maximum benefit Every visit to the steam room must be followed by a cooling phase. You may return to the steam room as often as you wish but a period of rest in between will heighten the impact of well-being and restful peace.


Steam bathing has been around for thousands of years in many different variations. Steam rooms can be referred to by several different names depending on who you are talking to; Roman Bath, Turkish Bath, Hamam, Russian Banya or even the Aztec people's temazcal.